Event Tips for City 2 Surf 2016

Event Tips for City 2 Surf 2016

By The Athlete's Foot Australia | August 4, 2016

City 2 Surf is under 2 weeks away and to help you conquer your goals on race day, our team have put together some tips.


The week before:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – you don’t want to start off the race dehydrated, so it’s important to increase your water intake in the days leading up to race day not just the day of or before.
  • Taper off – you’ve been training for weeks and no doubt the legs are starting to feel it – make sure you only go for 1 -2 short easy runs this week, and remember your foam roller is your friend – check out our tips on foam rolling here.
  • Ease up on alcohol consumption – decline that beer and go with a soda water this week, you’ll thank us on Sunday.


The night before:

  • Make sure you get to bed early – we know it’s Saturday night, but your body needs a good sleep before tomorrows early rise
  • Carbs – we know everyone says it – and it can help. But don’t go overboard, if you don’t ever eat pasta then don’t go crazy, you don’t want to do anything too different to what you do normally.
  • Set out your race gear ready for tomorrow morning – you don’t want to be scrambling around in the dark looking for that sock while trying not to wake anybody up.



Race Day:

  • Keep warm before the start line – wear an old jumper or jacket that you’re happy to never see again, Throw it to the side at the startline just before the race starts, race organisers will donate it all to charity – think of it as saving you a trip to vinnies.
  • Allow extra time to make it to the start line – City 2 Surf is the biggest fun run in the world, to say there will be a lot of people is an understatement


  • Check the train times the night before, Track works often happen over the weekends, make sure everything goes to plan on race day.
  • Socks make all the difference on longer runs and can prevent blisters and discomfort – check out our range here.
  • Plan a meeting spot for after the race – Bondi gets busy, phone batteries die and you may finish quicker or slower than planned, There are designated meeting areas to catch up with family and friends after the race to get that great finisher selfie – make sure you plan your spot before the race starts.
  • Tips for running up hills – Heart break hill lasts approximately 1.6km and you climb around 83metres, don’t try and sprint it, if you have to slow down then do so, try and maintain a jog and just put one foot infront of the other.
  • There is a hill before “THE HILL” – That’s right. Heart break hill is about 7km in, and you will notice it, but what they don’t tell you is that you’ll be climbing decent hills before that one, and another one after the big one… so don’t expect a flat ride, but you can enjoy a nice decent for the last couple of kms into Bondi (HOORAY)!
  • Keep left unless you’re overtaking – It’s race etiquette and C2S is a particularly busy race.


We hope these Tips help, and whether it’s your first or 12th City 2 Surf we hope you have a great one!

Looking forward to seeing you all on the day.