5 ways to get back into routine.

5 ways to get back into routine.

By The Athlete's Foot Ballarat | January 3, 2016

Christmas and New Years is a beautiful time full of celebration, happiness, holidays and of course loads of food and possibly getting a little ‘outta routine’. And so it should be! But… Not for too long.

Once out of schedule, it’s sometimes tough to get back into your healthy eating and active routine. Here are a few tip to get you back on the straight and narrow to ‘Run into 2016′:

DON’T beat yourself up about the extra pudding you ate, the couple of extra glasses you had on NYE, or the delicious Christmas roast you went back for seconds on… It was Christmas!

Instead, remember the great time you had with your family and great food you shared and make the decision to be extra conscious of your eating from now on.

INCLUDE some delicious, nutritious green salads, smoothies, fruits, veggies and lighter meals over the coming days. Make the most of the left overs meat and make a lovely Turkey, spinach and avocado salad for lunch or dinner.

KEEP HYDRATED. We often forget about our water intake around this busy time of year and it’s generally when we need it most as it starts to get warmer outside. We also often mistake thirst for hunger so keep your h2o levels up.

GET MOVING. Pop on your new runners that you (hopefully) received for Christmas and head out for a walk / jog / run / social lap of the Lake. Or jump on your new bike (or old one if you weren’t so lucky) and make the decision (like I have) to start cycling to work. Just half an hour a day of physical activity is going to make a big difference.

DON’T STRESS – if you are feeling a little overwhelmed, which is completely normal at this time of year, try some deep belly breathing. You might be surprised at how great it feels! Here’s how:

Firstly – try to calm your mind and be present (not thinking about what groceries you need to get for dinner!). Sit up straight, chest up, shoulders back and down. Take a slow, deep and even breath in  through the nose, allowing your abdomen to expand (rather than your chest). Hold your breath for a couple of seconds at the top, then slowly and evenly breath out through your nose. Your exhalation should be about twice as long as your inhalation, around a 3 second count in, 2 seconds at the top and 6 seconds out is a great place to start.


Happy 2016!