Our Simple Guide To Finding The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Our Simple Guide To Finding The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

By The Athlete's Foot Australia | August 15, 2017

Getting dad the perfect Father’s Day gift is always a challenge. After all, our parents are usually creatures of habit and everything they want (that’s within our budget) they’ve likely already bought for themselves!

So what’s a frazzled offspring to do with the 3rd of September fast approaching? By letting The Athlete’s Foot guide the way, of course! Read our top tips for the perfect Father’s Day gift below.


The biggest way to ensure dad never uses what you get him is by pretending to know what they like and by assuming that one size fits all (pun intended). If you were contemplating getting him a new pair of comfortable running or walking shoes, instead of taking a gamble on a style, brand or size you chose, why not let dad take the lead?

The Athlete’s Foot do Gift Cards that you can order in-store for any value you wish. Besides being able to give dad the freedom to comfortably choose his favourite pair from our extensive range, giving a gift card means that we have a chance to get your dad properly fitted for the shoe he ultimately chooses. Ill-fitting shoes can cause knee pain, back pain and even headaches. Furthermore, choosing the wrong shoes for our purpose or individual running style can also make us more susceptible to discomfort, or even injury. By allowing one of our in-store FIT technicians to find the most supportive and comfortable shoes for him to walk, train or run in; we can reduce the chance of these common shoe-related ailments

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The older we get, the more we need to look after ourselves. So, why not make a positive difference in your dad’s health and wellness this Father’s Day by helping him keep track of his workouts and footwear? For just $39.95, you could get your dad the MyFit Pod.

The MyFit Pod is a lightweight, waterproof and barely noticeable fitness accessory that compares and tracks 8 foot-based metrics plus, distance, pace and time. It tracks metrics that a Garmin/FitBit does and doesn’t yet do, all without having to bring a watch or phone on your run.

Key benefits include:

  • Preventing shoe-related injury by proving data-driven advice on when to replace your shoes
  • Tracking key metrics – pace, foot strike, leg swing etc.
  • Assisting with achieving goals – time, distance, efficiency etc.
  • Impressive data collection and storage – log 20 hours owrth of data before needing to sync
  • Pain prevention – track your Rate of Impact before it becomes an issue
  • Performance management through multiple pairs of shoes, allowing you to improve on key components within your running ‘style’ where needed

To learn more about this ground-breaking tech, feel free to read more about MyFit Pod here or chat to one of our FIT technicians at The Athlete’s Foot.