Run smarter. Elevate your performance | MyFit Pod

Run smarter. Elevate your performance | MyFit Pod

By The Athlete's Foot Australia | September 7, 2017

While you usually track your speed and distance, there’s so much more to learn about your running patterns. With the increasing amount of data available, why not learn more about your run and optimise it to break your personal bests? At The Athlete’s Foot, we believe smarter data means even better results.

Introducing the MyFit Pod, a new wearable technology device, that tracks 8 foot-based metrics plus performance data making any run or shoe smart.

How does it works?
By simply clipping to any running or walking shoe, you can start collecting smart data about shoe. With no buttons, no GPS signal or charging, the MyFit Pod stores up to 20 hours of run / walk data, and is for all levels of runners and walkers to understand, and improve, your personal performance, trends and history.

Most importantly, the MyFit Pod gives you the ability to track the performance and life of your running or walking shoes. When used with the MyFit Pod app, you’ll experience a more refined and personalised user experience, supporting your drive to always improve performance.

What does it measure?
Due to its light and easy clip-on design, you won’t leave it behind during your exercise sessions and will barely notice that it’s there, capturing all the basics (distance, pace, cadence, and time). Additionally, MyFit Pod also measures:

• Foot Strike (Heel/mid/toe)
• Stride Length
• Ground Contact Time
• Rate of Impact

Rate of Impact assists you to understand the impact hitting your body during a running or walking session, with a lowered Rate of Impact, the body has enough time to spread the force evenly. Rate of Impact, combined with the smart in-built odometer tracking every shoe kilometre, alerts runners to the end of their shoes life cycle, potentially reducing the risk of injury.

The MyFit Pod is designed and priced to live on one pair of shoes for the life of that shoe and can easily reset the Pod and move it to their next pair, without losing any run or walk data history.
Smarter data. Better results.

Available in all The Athlete’s Foot stores across Australia for $39.95 RRP and the MyFit App is available to download now from the Apple Store and Google Play.