The Underappreciated Value of Finding Your Perfect Fit

The Underappreciated Value of Finding Your Perfect Fit

By The Athlete's Foot Australia | September 12, 2017

Whether you are marathon runner or casual morning jogger, at the end of the day we all enjoy the feeling of clocking up those kilometres and breaking our personal bests. Running and exercising gives us the freedom to explore the world we want. However what’s not so great is that, sometimes injuries could hold us back from performing at our peak.

The most common injuries include back pain, knee pain and blisters and whilst we could commonly attribute these injuries to muscle strain, they can potentially be prevented with the perfect fitted shoe. Wearing a shoe that can help support your foot correctly in your running or walking endeavours can help reduce the potential of injuries. Proper cushioning for the arch of your foot can help alleviate knee pain and of course, having the right insoles and padding that don’t rub against your heel can help prevent blisters.

At the Athlete’s Foot, we understand that an athlete is built from the feet up and we’ve helped many of our customers prevent these common injuries. And, we realise the importance in finding your own perfect fit and we have the technology and shoe expertise to help you on that journey.

That’s why we have developed MyFit. An integrated experience that analyses your own foot through leading biometric and data sensing technology.

Step across 4000 sensors that map your foot from heel to toe.

Your stride is filmed and its unique motion identified and analysed.

We then apply our shoe expertise and knowledge of biometrics to find your perfect shoe.

The result is the perfect fit that’s tailored to your feet and the activities you do whilst helping to prevent injuries

To experience MyFit, come visit us as a local store near you and we will help you find the perfect fit. Locate your nearest store here.