Winter Running, and Why Its Good for You

Winter Running, and Why Its Good for You

By The Athlete's Foot Australia | July 12, 2017

Baby, it may be cold outside but don’t let the winter chill tempt you into trading in the open road for a treadmill.

Winter running, whist slightly daunting, touts multiple benefits for keeping your physical and mental health on track.

So, before you hit the gym instead of the road this winter season, check out our list of why cold weather running should be your go-to workout over the next few months.

You automatically burn more calories.

The first benefit of winter running comes down to basic biology. When running in the cold, the body has to work  harder to regulate it’s core temperature and keep you alive. Therefore, a run in the cold automatically burns more calories.

It’ll strengthen your heart.

If you don’t do it for the extra calories, do it for your heart. Cold weather also causes the heart to work harder to distribute blood throughout your body, strengthening heart muscles with every sold-weather session.

It helps prevent SAD.

As the nights get longer and the temperature gets colder, people become more susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD). Running helps keep SADness at bay by encouraging the release of powerful hormones that work to increase positive mood states and combat feelings of depression during the colder months.

It helps maintain a strong metabolism.

According to the evolutionary theory, our bodies are made to store excess fat in the winter to stay warm, resulting in a decrease in metabolism in response to diminished exercise levels. Winter running serves to ‘trick’ the body of this natural function, repressing the metabolism’s seasonal slowdown and aiding in healthy weight management.


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