Which city loves the run the most?

Which city loves the run the most?

By The Athlete's Foot Australia | April 18, 2016

Strava the ever growing online running community has put together an insights page which compiles their running data from all over the world.

This has been feeding our inner running geek over here at The Athlete’s Foot and we’ve put together some of the most intriguing facts from 2015 to determine which cities love the run!


1. The most active day of the week around the world is Sunday

2. The most popular day to commute to work running is Tuesday

3. Sydney has the highest percentage of athletes who run to and from work (29.1%) with an average of 220 Strava users commuting daily.

4. London is the most active city in the world with 3,155,697 recorded runs in 2015

5. Paris has the fastest average pace of 5.33 mins per km

6. Paris also has the longest average distance of 9.9km

7. Barcelona has the highest average elevation gain per run (214m)

8. Sao Paulo has the slowest average pace of 6.42 mins per km

9. London recorded the highest number of completed marathons in 2015 (13,146)

10. Sydneysiders are the earliest risers completing 30% of runs between 5 and 8am


2015 Record days

Record days on Strava mostly coincide with running events.

HWT Run For The Kids 22 Mar 2015. Photo: Con Chronis

The Biggest day on Strava in 2015 was Sunday March 22nd, London hosted the Richmond half marathon & 10km run while Melbournites took part in the annual Run for the Kids charity run.

These two cities alone saw 16,344 recorded runs on the day.

Learn more about where and when we ran in 2015 on Strava HERE.