Ascent School Shoes for Active Kids

Ascent School Shoes for Active Kids

By The Athlete's Foot Australia | September 21, 2016

If there’s one thing that all kids have in common, it’s the ability to destroy shoes. Whether they’re jumping in puddles, running through mud, playing sport, feeding them to pets, or all of the above in a single day, it sometimes seems like kids spend all of their creative energy on conjuring up different ways to ruin their footwear.


Not only is this frustrating for parents, it’s potentially very damaging for kids in the long term. Wearing worn-out or damaged shoes can lead to sore feet, back and leg problems, and chronic foot ailments that can persist into adulthood!


Every parent wants the best for their child but buying a new pair of shoes every few months just isn’t financially viable for many families – especially those with multiple children running around. Luckily, The Athlete’s Foot has the answer.


Ascent School Shoes are good quality, durable shoes, built to withstand the punishment that kids regularly throw at them. They’re built with full-grain leather uppers, offering easy-to-clean support and strength. The midsole material disperses impact, and nylon shanks and heel counters ensure a snug, stable fit.


Of course, they’re not just durable. Ascent School Shoes are built with comfort and therapeutic benefits in mind. Ascent has invested heavily in support and cushioning technology, and these are the only school shoes that are endorsed by the Australasian Podiatry Council.


Beyond durability and comfort, they’re packed with convenient features to suit every child’s needs.  Available with velcro or laces, they also feature a removable inner sole to easily accommodate orthotics. The leather construction is easy to clean and polish, while the sleek black or brown design will adhere to school uniform requirements.


Of course, choosing the right shoe is only half the battle. The best shoe in the world won’t do any good if it fits poorly. In store at The Athlete’s Foot, our highly trained FIT technicians are trained in biomechanics, shoe technology and fitting techniques, and using FITZI®, they can ensure the perfect fit for your child’s needs.


We all know that kids put their shoes through the ringer, so it doesn’t make sense to buy shoes that won’t be able to handle the punishment. Ascent School Shoes, exclusive to The Athlete’s Foot, offer comfort and long-lasting durability. They’re designed to ease the strain on children’s feet and parent’s wallets. What more could you ask for? Oh. did we mention we offer Afterpay too!