School shoe shopping tips

School shoe shopping tips

By The Athlete's Foot Eastgardens | December 8, 2015

The start of a new school year means shopping for your kids school books, new uniform and a new pair of school shoes. School shoes can be an expensive item when it comes to getting your kids ready for the new school year but buying the right pair is an investment in the well being of your child’s feet and can save you money in the long run.


You get what you pay for

When it comes to school shoes, the cost of the shoes is usually a good indicator of quality. Material used in the shoe determines how long the shoe will last. A good quality shoe is made from a strong rubber sole, good cushioning for comfort, and leather upper for support and longevity. School Shoes need to be school proof in order to last!

Buying a good quality school shoe in January should last until the child outgrows them – rather than being replaced several times during the year with lower-quality options.

Sports shoe brands are continually developing technologies to make shoes comfortable and supportive. A good quality school shoe has the same technology that a lot of sports shoes feature. Ascent school shoes (exclusive to The Athlete’s Foot) are made with hidden sports shoe technologies that help increase comfort, durability and support kids throughout their school day. Clarks school shoes are also available and offer multiple widths, styles and very high durability.

You will find some of the good quality school shoes are approved by Podiatrists. Podiatrists understand the biomechanics of children’s feet and know the support they need.  These shoes are designed to prevent injuries at a young age and can help aid the growth of their feet. Kids feet grow up to 34 times before the age of 12 so the right level of support, cushioning and flexibility is extremely important while feet are still growing.


What to look for in a school shoe

When it’s time to start shopping for school shoes, keep in mind the following features to help you make the right shoe choice:

Purchase a shoe that is lightweight. A heavy shoe can get tiring to wear and can hurt your child’s ankles after a full day.

Look for a shoe with a firm heel counter, make sure this doesn’t cave when you press. A firm heel counter increases your child’s stability and reduce the risk of sprained ankles.

Flexibility in the forefoot (ball of the foot not the center) to allow your child’s toes to bend which in turn allows them to skip, jump and run.

A removable insole is important if your child wears orthotics. Make sure you bring the orthotics into store so the staff can use them during the fitting process.

And remember… school shoes that are too big wear out more quickly. Many parents buy school shoes that are way too big for their children to grow into. Shoes that are too big will drag causing the soles to wear out more quickly. They will also be more easily scuffed as your child won’t be able to pick their feet up properly. This means you’ll end up paying for a new pair of school shoes sooner than you think.


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