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Frequent Asked Franchise Questions

Is there any experience or training I need to have to become a franchisee?
While business experience is always a positive, there are no hard-and-fast requirements or prerequisites. We have a diverse range of franchisees from a variety of backgrounds. All we expect is you to embrace our customer service culture, contribute to the whole group and run your business with passion and energy. We’ll teach you the rest.

Are there any additional costs I can expect?
All charges by The Athlete’s Foot are detailed in the disclosure statement (which you will receive with your draft franchise documents), but in short we charge one franchisee fee for the territory, which covers the first 10 years. There are no additional charges from The Athlete’s Foot in relation to the establishment of the store - though there are professional fees in relation to documentation. In addition there may be a security deposit applicable to your lease and you should discuss this with your financier. You will also need to cover your own costs in relation to professional advice (legal, financial etc) and travel to Sydney for orientation training.

If you are purchasing an existing store, the outgoing franchisee will be liable for the transfer fee associated with the sale. Territory renewal fees apply after the first ten years of operation of any territory, please ask how this will impact you and the store you plan to buy.

What training do I get before we open?
Our training schedule has two phases - firstly, a 10 day orientation training in Sydney. Then when your store is ready, we come to you to help set up, continue your induction and train your staff.

Am I required to buy stock from the franchisor? How much autonomy do I have in choosing my range?
Franchisees purchase stock directly from our suppliers. The Athlete’s Foot gains no benefit from stores choosing to sell one brand over another. Our only interest is in you buying the correct stock at the right levels to suit your store and market. We set an ‘approved brands’ list and as a franchisee you’re required to participate in nationally marketed product campaigns, but beyond this you are free to
choose the product that suits your customers.

How much does the fitout cost?
We can provide you an estimate based on similar recently opened stores. It’s impossible to provide firm costings at this stage because we go to competitive tender for each project to ensure that you get the best price.

Does The Athlete’s Foot have formal relationships with banks or other lenders?
Yes - we are an accredited franchise system with several major lenders and will be happy to pass on the details.

How much money can I earn as a franchisee?
It’s impossible to estimate the results of any store - many variables contribute to success, including the motivation of the franchisee. As part of the application process we will provide you with sales and financial comparisons for some existing stores to allow you to make as an informed decision as possible.

What's the estimated investment to become a franchisee with The Athlete's Foot?
The average total investment in a new The Athlete’s Foot store is around $400,000 - $500,000 (exclusive of GST). That figure includes a franchise fee of $90,000 and delivers a fully built and stocked store ready to trade. As an accredited franchise system recognised by most of the major banks, potential franchisees may be able to borrow a significant proportion without real estate as security. Between $200,000 and $300,000 in liquid assets or equity in property would still be required.

What are the estimated ongoing Fees & Charges for franchisees at The Athlete's Foot?
Royalty expenses are 6% of sales & the Marketing Fund contribution is 2.25% of sales.