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The Athlete’s Foot - Find Your Fit

Check out our new The Athlete’s Foot TV Ads! At The Athlete’s Foot we know everyone has a story to share about finding their fit. And, whatever journey you take, you can find your fit at The Athlete’s Foot.


Wife carrying competitor

nathan Jones

Last year it felt like we were living separate lives. Then we found Wife Carrying Racing and now we’re training for the World Cup. Apart from the right wife you need the right shoe that provides comfort over uneven terrains and long distances. That’s why we get expertly fitted at The Athlete’s Foot. These days, if we disagree on timings we have plenty of face-to-back time to work it out.

High performance pianist

kat dunn


Full-time walker

Andrey olsson

Growing up, Dad wanted me to play piano. We would practice together before and after school each day, learning all the classics. I loved the music but hated sitting still. I just wanted to keep moving. Now that I combine the two things I love The Athlete’s Foot ensure I have the best fitted shoe to go the distance and perform at my best, because playing a concerto is like running a marathon.
  I’ve always liked walking, but it was always just to get from A to B. One day I stumbled in to a protest and realized how powerful my walk was. Now I’m a full-time walker, any cause, wherever I’m needed. Walking for hundreds of kilometres, you realize just how important a correctly fitted shoe is too. That’s why I choose The Athlete’s Foot – their Fit Technicians help me step with confidence.