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Fitting Tips

 Helping you to FIND YOUR FIT is our passion at The Athlete's Foot. Our Fitting tips help you to find your fit with all the shoes you need - running shoes, casual shoes, walking, work, boots, sandals or specialist fits. Check out the 2014 FITZI Feet First Report for more insights into Australian feet.

Top 4 things to look for in your running shoes:

  • Flexibility across the forefoot of the shoe.  Good flexibility in structured running shoes occurs when you’re able to flex the front of the shoe in your hands with effort (shouldn’t flex in the middle of the shoe).
  • When you’re standing in the shoes – make sure there’s no overhang – this means your foot isn’t spilling out over the sides of the midsole (base of the shoe).
  • When standing in the shoes – there should be a thumbnail (approx 1cm) from the end of your longest toe (flat on the ground) from the end of the shoe. Runners need room in their shoes for excess movement and expansion of the foot when running.
  • Immediate comfort. The correctly fitted running shoes should (straight away) feel like you can wear them for days without taking them off!

Top 5 ways to tell you're wearing the wrong shoes

  • You are experiencing blisters - caused by shoes too small or too big
  • You experience pins and needles or numbness when exercising - the width and depth of your shoes is too narrow
  • You have black toe nails or lose a toe nail while exercising - caused from incorrectly sized shoes or an incorrect shoe shape for your forefoot
  • You're experiencing soreness not felt in previous shoes
  • You are experiencing a burning sensation on the underside of your feet (or near your arches) - Incorrect level of arch support in the shoes

10 Facts we bet you didn't know:

  1. Around 70% of people have flat feet which tend to roll inwards. The 3 arch types - Flat Foot/Low arch, Average arch and High arch help determine the right fit for your feet.
  2. School Kids can take up to 16,000 steps per day in their school shoes - which is equivalent to about 5km per day! Here's our tips for correctly fitted school shoes.
  3. When you run, your feet absorb 3-4 times your body weight.
  4. A good sock liner in your footy boots can dramatically increase the comfort and cushioning. Here's our other tips for selecting footy boots.
  5. A child's foot is softer than an adults until they are 12.
  6. The majority of people wear shoes that are incorrect and at least a size too small - which can result in foot pain but also bunions, calluses and other issues.
  7. The Athlete's Foot is aligned with Sports Medicine Australia and local health professionals. Visit any The Athlete's Foot store who will also be able to refer you to a local Podiatrist or medical specialist if needed.
  8. The staff in The Athlete's Foot stores are called Fit Technicians, and Master Fit Technicians when they pass their FIT university tests. Each staff member also undergoes monthly training through interactive modules on the new footwear models, technologies and fitting solutions.
  9. Your foot shape and type can change several times in your lifetime, so it's important to be proefssionally fitted every year. Exercise changes, weight changes, age, foot diseases and pregnancy can all change a foot.
  10. The most common mistake we see in store is Netballers who use running shoes (instead of Netball shoes!). Netball shoes have higher durability, ankle support and lateral movement support to help prevent injury (and increase the life of your shoes).

Everyone has a story to share about finding their fit. And, whatever journey you take, you can find your fit at The Athlete’s Foot. Check out some of our favourite FIND YOUR FIT stories.


High performance pianist

kat dunn


Full-time walker

Andrey olsson

Growing up, Dad wanted me to play piano. We would practice together before and after school each day, learning all the classics. I loved the music but hated sitting still. I just wanted to keep moving. Now that I combine the two things I love The Athlete’s Foot ensure I have the best fitted shoe to go the distance and perform at my best, because playing a concerto is like running a marathon.
  I’ve always liked walking, but it was always just to get from A to B. One day I stumbled in to a protest and realized how powerful my walk was. Now I’m a full-time walker, any cause, wherever I’m needed. Walking for hundreds of kilometres, you realize just how important a correctly fitted shoe is too. That’s why I choose The Athlete’s Foot – their Fit Technicians help me step with confidence.


Wife Carrying Competitor

Nathan Jones


Classroom Casanova

Ben Harris

Last year it felt like we were living separate lives. Then we found Wife Carrying Racing and now we’re training for the World Cup. Apart from the right wife you need the right shoe that provides comfort over uneven terrains and long distances. That’s why we get expertly fitted at The Athlete’s Foot. These days, if we disagree on timings we have plenty of face-to-back time to work it out.
  Well being the new kid isn't easy, I went unnoticed a lot. But, that does have it's advantages and since kids can't text at school, I become the messenger. 101 ways to get the job done. And thanks to my new school shoes from The Athlete's Foot, I can get it done quicker than anyone. Judging by how long school relationships last, I reckon I'll be busy for a long time.

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