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FREE SHIPPING for orders over $100

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About the brand

InStride™ provides comfortable, well fitting shoes for walking and leasure activities that provide significant relief for people with foot problems ranging from bunions, hammertoes and corns to more significant diabetes related problems. Developed in conjunction with Podiatrists, Pedorthists, and other specialists, InStride™ shoes provide both a protective fuction as well as relief due to thier ability to provide a more precise and comfortable fit. InStride™ shoes feature the InStride™ CFS-Custom Fit System- which uses a series of removable insoles to fit even the most difficult feet with comfort beyond compare. As specialised shoes require expert fitting, which is why The Athlete’s Foot is the perfect place to buy InStride™. We will take the time and trouble to ensure a perfect match between foot and shoe. Shop online or find a store near you.*

*Range may vary by store.