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The Athlete’s Foot offers a robust, turnkey franchise system that ensures franchisees are integrated, trained and operational quickly, and with confidence.

Our franchise community is highly cohesive and our engagement consultative. We share a vision for delivering a consistent and compelling product to our customers. It’s a model that’s working and there are a number of reasons why:

In 2004, The Athlete’s Foot was acquired by RCG Corporation Limited, a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. RCG is an investment holding company with a board comprised of some of the most highly respected members of the retailing, franchising, brand development, business development and financial management industries.

A unique market position.

For over 40 years, The Athlete’s Foot has led the way. Today we’re taking everything we’ve learned on our journey and pushing that bit further. We’re focusing on where our true passion lies: performance. From in store to online, our vision is to empower everyday athlete’s to better their best.

We do that with our FIT, SCIENCE & MIND philosophies.

FIT: We are the only footwear retailer in Australia that offers a world-leading fitting technology, MyFit, and through this unique differentiation, coupled with our comprehensive training program for both Fit Technician and Master Fit technician, we are the leading footwear fitting specialists in Australia. MyFit sets a foundation of stability, confidence and improved performance to help our customers better their best.

SCIENCE: Along with our comprehensive staff training programs, we have also partnered with relevant industry associations in crafting unique training partnerships to help our staff understand the performance improvement mind-set of our customers – particularly our running customers which is our lead category. These partnerships enhance our team’s knowledge around training and running to empower them to have peer-to-peer conversations with our customers who are on that journey. In addition to this, our MyFit Pod and app gives us insight and information around our customers running and walking activities to help us provide our fitting service to a new level of personalisation.

MIND: In addition to our partnerships to help enhance our understanding of our customer performance improvement journeys, we have a strong national focus on enhancing our presence in the local community via a number of initiatives through our new performance stores. One of which is a partnership with Strava which brings running insight from the local store and consolidates that into aggregated insight into how, where & when that local community runs. Most powerfully, our franchisees and team members are passionate about getting out of the store and into their local community to support and enhance individuals and teams to pursue their goals. From Little Athletics and running clubs to local and state netball teams, our team, and brand, is helping their community to achieve their goals… all in perfectly fitted shoes. At The Athlete’s Foot, we understand that an athlete is built from the feet up. That’s why we focus on finding our customers the perfect fit to improve their performance.


Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from working with other people from your team,customers, community and Franchise network.

Impressive growth and performance

As a franchisee, you want to know you have the best possible chance of succeeding, and our record speaks volumes. For many years, our average store sales growth has outperformed both the market sector and speciality retail in general. Since July 2006, The Athlete’s Foot has averaged annual sales growth of around 6% during challenging retail conditions (on a like-for-like basis).

A history of stability

The Athlete’s Foot has been franchising for more than 40 years with thriving stores in every Australian state and territory. This gives us a powerful insight into what it takes for a franchisee to be successful. It also gives you an assurance that the brand, systems and processes are mature and robust.


Location is critical in any retail business, but how do you know if a location is right? Forty years of experience has taught us what works for our business model and what doesn’t. We understand shopping centres and have access to exclusive data giving us unique insights.

One advantage of a network the size of The Athlete’s Foot is our ability to find reasonable existing store comparisons in most areas. The Athlete’s Foot holds the head lease, which gives us greater negotiating power and reassures both you and the landlord of our commitment to the site. We then operate a license agreement with you that mirrors the head lease. Ultimately there are three key factors in determining location:

As a franchisee for The Athlete's Foot, you'll enjoy unparalleled support in all the key areas of your business. Use the resources on the left to learn more about the opportunities and next steps to enjoy the right fit for success.

  • - The right retail precinct (shopping centre, town or strip area)
  • - An optimal location within that precinct
  • - Appropriate rent - The Athlete’s Foot is conservative in assessing potential sites - an approach that’s key to our franchisees’ long-term success.

Design and Construction.

Foot is the knowledge that customers seek out our brand. Being recognised is critical, so maintaining our image is the starting point for every new store design. From there, local factors and the dimensions of each store are taken into account.

We will project manage the construction and fitout of your store and liaise with architects, council, the centre or landlord and builders - keeping you informed and involved throughout the entire process.

For every new store, The Athlete’s Foot goes through a competitive tender procedure to ensure value and quality. We will discuss all decisions with you before any decisions are made. It’s an exciting time and we believe open, transparent partnerships and processes work best for everyone.

Product and Supplier Relations.

Being aligned with the market leader gives The Athlete’s Foot franchisees a head start in dealing with supplier partners.

They enjoy:

  • - Preferential term and priority delivery.
  • - Pre-release products.
  • - Special buys
  • - Exclusive programs and products
  • - Group Buy
  • - Special 'make-ups'

Sales and service training

Having the right staff and ensuring they’re well trained is critical for any business and it’s at the heart of delivering The Athlete’s Foot brand promise. We continue to invest in training to ensure it’s comprehensive and user friendly. From fitting shoes and serving customers to understanding the technology within the footwear and anatomy of the feet and legs - it’s all covered in The Athlete’s Foot training program.

Sales and service training

The Athlete’s Foot training platform consists of three accreditation levels

  • - Fit Technician
  • - Run Coach
  • - Master Fit Technician

At The Athlete’s Foot, our focus is always on continual improvement and ongoing learning via pre and post course work, face-to-face training, individual workbooks, role plays/scenarios, videos and online learning (OLÉ). TAF are market leaders in the level of training in the athletic footwear retail industry which contributes to staff retention as well as customer satisfaction. The Athlete’s Foot is also the only retailer in Australia to partner with Athletics Australia around accredited run coach training.

Visual Merchandising

It’s the detail in retail that counts. Having an exciting, stimulating environment for our customers is fundamental to our success - a clean, tidy and maintained store reflects pride in your team, your store, and our shared brand.

The store design and layout provides consistency across the group, as do in-store graphics, uniforms, name badges, and regularly supplied marketing material.

An annual calendar makes in-store marketing easy for franchisees - the year is mapped out for you, and covers window displays, stands and more. Attention grabbing campaigns promote key brands and developments in shoe technology, and are updated every three to four weeks.


At The Athlete’s Foot it all begins with fit. The world leading, exclusive MyFit® technology and staff shoe technology expertise deliver an experience and outcome to customers that enables them to be fit for life.

The fit proposition extends beyond the right fit for your our customer’s feet to finding the right fit for life. The purchase of new footwear can often be attributed to a new beginning such as commencing a regular exercise program, starting a new season of sport, or back to school or simply to perform better in their exercise, school or life activities.

Fit is the foundation of our brand and has the ability to be executed in a rational and emotional context. An annual national advertising program is delivered to support all The Athlete’s Foot stores with a targeted multi-channel approach across TV, digital, CRM, social media, loyalty program (MyFit Rewards) and visual merchandising. Key advertising categories include: school, running, netball, football and our brand.

Local Area Marketing

Franchisees are encouraged to implement local marketing activities in local press, radio, shopping centre signage, and/or direct mail to maximise the success of national campaigns. All Franchise Partners are supported with our Marketing team and have full access to all Local Marketing Tools, including the Local Area Marketing Portal.

Supporting the fit proposition The Athlete’s Foot continues to maintain strong relationships with health organisations. Sponsorship, in-store events and advertising are the key elements to this program.

Local franchisees are encouraged to have strong relationships with local health professionals in their local area to assist them in finding the right fit for their patients. Stepping outside the store and playing an active role in the community is also important in driving incremental sales opportunities. Through The Athlete’s Foot School Rewards and Club Rewards, local franchisees have the opportunity to educate schools and clubs on the importance of fit and provide.

Are we right for each other?

There are a few factors you should consider when evaluating whether franchising with The Athlete’s Foot is right for you.

Our successful franchisees would suggest:

  • - You enjoy working with people.
  • - You’re service-oriented and believe the customer is always right.
  • - You’re passionate, energetic and determined
  • - Exclusive programs and products
  • - Near enough is not good enough for you
  • - You’re prepared to follow a successful structure and contribute to the group

There are few pre-requisites to joining The Athlete’s Foot. Our franchisees come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Of course, business acumen and people management skills will be helpful, but enthusiasm and commitment to our brand proposition is essential.

Financial Requirements

The average total investment in a new The Athlete’s Foot store is around $500,000 (exclusive of GST). That figure excludes a franchise fee of $90,000 and delivers a fully built and stocked store ready to trade. Indication may vary based off existing or new opportunities.

As an accredited franchise system recognised by most of the major banks, potential franchisees may be able to borrow a significant proportion without real estate as security. Between $200,000 and $300,000 in liquid assets or equity in property would still be required.


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