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Once you have diagnosed the patient’s problem, our expert Fit Technician’s understand the importance of assisting your patient in getting the most appropriate footwear for their specific foot type, problems and activities.


Benefits towards being part of the Health Professional Program

Referral Communication - When you refer a patient to The Athlete’s Foot, we will email you the footwear information our Fit Technician’s fitted your patient into. This communication will provide you a Fit Summary of their footwear. You can rest assured that when you refer your patients into our store, they will be professionally fitted, and you will be kept informed.

Monthly Education - We understand how busy it can get in the clinic. To help support you in staying up to date each month you will receive an educational eDM focused on footwear, fitting and trends that will help with your education to your patients.

Exclusive Events - Our teams will host regular events for their local Health Professionals. These events can range from educational events to networking opportunities. Sign up to the Health Professional Program to ensure that you don’t miss out!

Referral Recommendation Pads - We truly appreciate the skill required to diagnose disorders of the feet, and recognise that the great work you do assists our philosophy of ensuring correctly fitted footwear. Our Referral Recommendation Pads will assist our Fit Technician’s in fitting your patients perfectly.

Educational Resources - At The Athlete’s Foot, we are here to provide you with the support and resources required to assist in educating your patients on perfectly fitted footwear.

*SIGN UP to the Health Professional Program to ensure that you don’t miss out!*


How do I get on board?

This is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Register your interest by contacting our team directly HERE.

2. Inform us of who your local The Athlete's Foot store is.

3. Our local store will be in touch to arrange a time to visit you at your clinic.


In-store Educational Events or Clinic Visits

Our Local teams are here to support you and your patients. Throughout the year, our local store teams conduct educational events in-store or clinic visits.

Click HERE to register your interest to our in-store events, or to book a clinic visit with your local team.


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