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Say goodbye to those quieter hours in the middle of the day because the school holidays are upon us. Yeah sure, we don’t have to pack lunches and iron school clothes every morning but now the hunt is on for activities to occupy the kids.

Now there is always the TV but below are 10 ideas to keep the kids entertained this holidays…

Make A Splash!

We’re set for an absolute scorcher this summer with some record heat waves expected across the country, so it will be top of everyone’s list to find water to take the edge off. Whether you live by the ocean, or more inland everyone knows the local hotspots that get packed out at the sight of a temperature rise. So instead of fighting for a parking spot at your local beach, pool or river, check out what your local parks have to offer in the form of swimming holes. Sometimes you’d be surprised what is around your area, or within a reasonable drive and there is also the potential to find the novelty of a waterfall or natural pools with somewhere to jump into the water.

On Your Bike!

It’s awesome to see when your kids want to jump on their bike and ride around the local neighbourhood, but it does get a bit concerning when they’re gone for hours and hours on end. So what’s the alternative? There are so many great options popping up for you and the kids to go for a ride which range from closed loop tracks to local park tracks and even fire trails for those that are feeling adventurous. So, jump over to google and search for what is in your local area and find something that suits your families’ skill level for a day of fun that sure to tire them out.

Pass Time With A Class!

More often than not there is a little Art Gallery in the area with a nice range of local artists and sculptors, accompanied by a small cake and coffee shop that can often go under the radar. These holidays might be the perfect time to look a little closer as they might offer some fun and interesting classes for kids. These often vary for different age groups and range in time and skills, so it is all about finding what is right for you and your kids, but can be still life painting, portrait painting, drawing or throwing clay. Now this one isn’t just for the kids, there are usually some great things on offer for adults too if you’re interested in getting your creative juices flowing.

Take A Walk!

One of the greatest things about living in Australia as we know is the amazing access we have to the outdoors, but often we don’t take full advantage of what’s in our own backyard. Going for a bush walk doesn’t have to mean hacking a trail through untamed bush land, with so many parks investing in curated walkways they can be a great way for the family to see and be educated on the real Australia. In saying that make sure you’ve got everything you need… Like water, sun screen and snacks… Plus make sure you’ve got your trip planned out, because having a goal like a picnic spot or waterfall can give your kids motivation.

Cook Up A Storm!

Before we even start… Yes, it is going to get messy, so this option might not be for you. In saying that cooking with the kids can be a hugely rewarding process for them and you as they can start to see how much effort goes into making their breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they will probably remember it forever. There are so many fun recipe options out there from a number of Australian and celebrity chefs, and it really depends on what you want to eat because let’s face it, you want to enjoy it too. So, if cupcakes with colourful icing and sprinkles is your families calling then go for it, but don’t forget that homemade pasta or making jam for example can be just as fun.

Green Thumb!

Anytime you go to the shops these days and need to buy fresh herbs you can be forced to pay up to $5 or sometimes even more for a bunch that you’re only going to use half of. Where do the kids come in? Well this might be the perfect opportunity for them to save you a little bit of money by helping you build a herb garden so that it can just be a trip to the garden with some scissors rather than a trip to the shops. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you tear up half the backyard or fill up half of the veranda with dirt… Your local gardening supply store will have plenty of options to suit your needs and you’d be surprised how many plants the kids will be able to fit into a small area. We guarantee the family will have plenty of fun getting their hands dirty, and will feel a big sense of achievement when they get to eat what they’ve been growing.

Go Wild With The Wildlife!

Heading to a big zoo can be the best time for a kid, but some of the bigger more popular ones can also come with a bigger cost than what you might be looking to spend. This is where some of the local wildlife parks come in! There might not be the global exotic range of those bigger places, but they can be a great way for the family to learn about all the Australian native wildlife that we have to offer, plus these places also tend to offer more of an interactive experience. So, if cuddling a koala, watching a wallaby or gawking at goanna seems like something that your child would like then see what your area has to offer.

The Big Screen!

The movies are always a massive part of school holidays with so many great films coming out that you could find yourself there once a week if your kids had it their way. In saying that it might be time to take the fun under the stars and see if your local area has an outdoor cinema this summer. They usually always have the current blockbusters on offer, but this could also be a great opportunity for you to introduce your kids to the awesome movies you grew up with.

A Day At The Museum!

Gone are the days of strictly historical museums that always seemed more targeted at historians than families looking for a fun day out. So many now are curating exhibitions that are completely interactive and have adopted technology to make it a fun learning experience for the kids. Make sure to check out what is on offer these holidays as it can be a great day out if you can find the right exhibition for you and your family.

Holiday Camps!

If the idea of everything above is a bit adventurous or not up your alley, then check out what holiday camps are available for your family. There are a huge range to cater for every child, budget and interest, and you might enjoy a bit of that peace and quiet.

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Posted on 05-01-2018
By TheAtheletesFoot
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