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The Athlete’s Foot partners with the Australian Physiotherapy Association

At The Athlete’s Foot we understand the importance of fit, and we pride ourselves on having the highest trained staff in the industry, through our Fit Technician & Master Fit qualifications. Our passion for quality fitted footwear which ensures everyday athletes can achieve optimal health and well being is supported through our local health professionals. The Athlete’s Foot is dedicated to assisting local health professionals in the care for their patients.

We are excited to announce our new partnership with the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Steve Cohen General Manager of The Athlete’s Foot said “The team at The Athlete’s Foot recognise the vital role Physiotherapists play in the rehabilitation and on-going care of patients. Our commitment to ensuring footwear is fitted correctly works hand-in-hand with the great work the APA do. We believe that this partnership gives us the perfect platform to support respected physiotherapists to get their patients moving freely again”.

Australian Physiotherapy Association CEO Cris Massis said “APA physiotherapists work tirelessly to ensure the health and safety of Australians. An important aspect of that care is knowing, and endorsing, the suppliers who support us in that work, by manufacturing products that contribute to the optimal health of all Australians.”

“With that mission in mind, the APA is thrilled to announce our official partnership with The Athlete’s Foot. TAF is recognised for its commitment to footwear that's properly tailored to your foot, and the activities you do—which can help to protect against common injuries associated with improper support.”

We are very excited to be working closely with APA and supporting everyday athletes to achieve their health and well-being goals. #MyCommunityFit

The Athlete’s Foot partners with the Australian Physiotherapy Association
Posted on 12-06-2018
By TheAtheletesFoot
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