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how to write a Home-school lesson plan

Written by Aoife Heffron

As homeschooling becomes the new normal, many parents are left wondering how to effectively write a home-school lesson plan for kids. Whether you're in lock down or a seasoned home-schooler we have compiled a helpful “How To”, packed full of the top tips to keep the kids focused and educated.

Organization Organization Organization

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that organisation is key when writing a home-school lesson plan.

Taking it day by day without any structure or lesson plan is setting yourself and your child up for disaster.

Research what subjects and topics have already been covered and what steps are next. If you are a seasoned homeschooler reflect on what worked best last year and what needs improving.

Devise your yearly lesson plan so that you are organised and prepared. It might sound daunting but break down lesson plans into two semesters just like in school. Once you have one semester finalised the other will be much easier and quicker to draw up.

Don’t forget to pencil in any holidays or upcoming trips you might have!

There are two main options for writing a home-school lesson plan, using an off-the-shelf curriculum that a school may provide or that is available through a home-schooling app/website or combining a school curriculum to your own teaching style and flare.

For tougher subjects allow for double classes instead of spreading it out over the course of the week but remember to balance out the more intense subjects with the less grueling or more creative ones.

Keep it structured.

This not only applies to your schedule and day, but also to how your kids are dressed. If your little one used to wear a uniform to school, keep the routine of putting it on so they know it is time to learn.

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Once you have devised your lesson plan stick to it! Routine is key!

Creating a timetable which clearly breakdowns the week’s schedule across subjects and time spent on each subject will ensure your lesson plans continue to run smoothly. It also allows your kids to learn how to prepare to learn from one subject to the next ie: getting their History workbooks ready after Math.

Make it fun!

The 3pm slump is a real thing. If we are feeling it as adults you can be sure the kids are feeling it too, even if they aren’t showing it! To keep concentration at a maximum, make lessons fun by incorporating props and visual aids.

Another way to ensure your homeschooler will keep focused is to allow time for fresh air! PE doesn’t have to be once a week, why not make it an everyday event. Fresh air, Fresh kicks and Fresh Fun will ensure you little one will burn off those ants in their pants from sitting down throughout their home school day and be revitalized and ready to finish the day strong soaking up some knowledge.

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Get prepared!

If you are making the change to home-schooling or returning to home-schooling after a break, it is always a good idea to get yourself the kids prepared for going back to school.

Running through the weekly schedule on a Sunday will alleviate Back to School anxieties and allows for you both to mentally prepare for the subjects and timetable Monday will bring.

Prepping lunches, uniforms (school clothes) and shoes together can not only be a way to get organised for the week ahead but be a bonding experience.

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how to write a Home-school lesson plan
Posted on 09-09-2020
By TheAtheletesFoot
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