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How to plan a workday around home-school

Let’s be honest, the kids have had it tough the past couple of years. With lockdowns and school closures left, right and centre—it’s harder than ever to carry on with a routine when there’s unexpected chaos around every corner.

When you have home-schooling duties alongside your work from home job, life can get even harder finding that balance; both for you and your kids—especially contending with zoom meetings, distractions and more.

Here’s some of our top tips to help you plan your work around unexpected and expected home-school days.


Sit down and formulate a ‘Home-school To-do’ list well in advance, so that if your child’s school unexpectedly closes, you’re more than ready to tackle the day.

Examples on your list might include:

  • Breakfast
  • Getting dressed
  • Break times

Get the kids involved by investing in a small portable whiteboard where you can check off the list as the day goes by—visual milestones will help you and your little ones feel more of an achievement as you tick off each task.


It sounds silly but keeping up a similar routine to a regular school and workday will mean that there’s minimal disruption for both you and your children. Small things like getting dressed out of your pyjamas and even going for a quick morning walk to simulate a commute can help to keep the brain on track for a work.

Keep their break and lunch times as close as possible to school times too!

Creating a space for school work

Ensuring your kids have their own quiet space to complete their school work will help guide them into more independent study, and also help you get through some work too. Creating a little desk set up—even better, one close to yours can ensure that their minds stay on track for learning—especially if it looks like mummy and daddy are learning too!

For more tips, read our blog on creating a homeschool workstation.

Let them know it’s okay to interrupt you if they need something

We know kids ask loads of questions, and it’s important to let them know, that even if mum or dad is sitting and working, that they can interrupt you to ask you questions about their school work, especially if they’re doing independent study away from zoom or their teacher’s gaze. Make them aware they’re not alone!

Keeping active every day

Most important of all, make sure they still get a homeschool version of a PE lesson—try to get outside if you can – whether it’s a walk around the block or a kick of the footy in your local park, keeping them active is an important part of their school day structure.

Our range of kids footwear will have them tearing laps around the park in no time, burning off priceless energy—getting them ready for bed.

If you’re stuck inside because it won’t stop raining, our PE Lessons at Home blog should give you some inspiration to keeping them active.

How to plan a workday around home-school
Posted on 19-10-2021
By TheAtheletesFoot
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