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How to buy your next pair of running shoes

When you have the right pair of running shoes, it can feel like you’re flying or floating on air when you’re out there on the road. The right pair of runners will often come down to a variety of options including support, fit and running style. Although it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect pair, discover our tips below to help you when it comes to buying your next pair.

Comfort and fit comes first

It's not easy to get a sense of whether your sneakers will still feel comfy for running long distance when you're only trying them on. When working out the comfort levels of your shoes, make sure you try to pay attention to how they feel on all the parts of your feet.

Here’s our tips to understanding which areas of the sneaker to pay the most attention to when you’re trying on that potential new pair:

The Upper

The upper is the top part of the shoe above the sole. You’ll find these are usually made of mesh, suede or leather materials.

The Toe Box

A good toe box should give you the right amount of room inside, between your toes and the sneaker so that you can flex and spread out your toes without hitting the box when you’re running.


The midsole is the part of your running shoe that is designed to absorb the most impact. Choose a midsole that doesn't make the shoe feel too heavy and that feels comfortable for you underfoot.


The outsole is the bottom layer of your running sneakers. Look for a tread that provides enough traction for your preferred running surface whether that’s for pavement running, trail running or everyday walking. For running, often a lightweight outsole is key.


The sockliner is found inside the shoe and its main aim is to support comfortability. The sockliner can affect how supportive a shoe feels when you first step into it. Most running shoes will let you remove the supplied sockliner and replace with supportive insoles if you need them.

Ankle Collar

The ankle collar is located where you put your foot in. Sometimes this can be the part that hurts the most when you’re wearing in new shoes, so it’s worth making sure you have comfy socks to protect your ankles on sneakers that have tigher ankle collars – so you can wear them in comfortably.

Support your running style

A key consideration when you’re looking to buy new running shoes is making sure that you avoid injury when you’re completing your runs.

One of the main areas to consider for injury avoidance is whether you’re a pronator or neutral runner. Ensuring you have the right running shoes that support the shape of your foot is really key to avoiding unnecessary injuries. If you’re unsure of your running style, we highly recommend booking in an appointment with a member of our instore teams so they can assess your gait and help you find the perfect pair.
Types of running shoe

Make sure to shop for the specific kind of running shoes you’re looking for – it’s not always recommended that you wear sneakers designed for high impact trail running when you’re looking for something to tackle a light jogging session. Here at The Athlete’s Foot we have a huge range of sneakers designed for different levels of activities.

Everyday Running Shoes

Everyday shoes are designed for daily running, training in the gym and even for causal walks. They're heavily versatile and made with cushioning to absorb impact across a variety of activities. ASICS and HOKA provide excellent options when it comes to an everyday running shoe.

Trail Running Shoes

For those runners who want to get amongst it all, our range of Trail Running shoes are highly durable, and constructed to kick butt against unpredictable weather. Find HOKA, Saucony and Merrell options as a strong contender for trail running shoes.
Super Shoes

Great for getting you out there – from the race track to the marathon, super shoes are packed with leading edge technology that can get you finishing faster and running further. From carbon plates to extra lightweight mesh – they’ve got it all. You’ll find brands like New Balance and Saucony in our Super Shoe range.
How to buy your next pair of running shoes
Posted on 18-01-2024
By TheAtheletesFoot
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