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How to curate your new favourite running route

We are all creatures of habit– especially when it comes to running. Having that favourite route around your local park is an effortless way to get yourself active without needing to put too much pressure or thought into what you’re doing.

However, variety within your running schedule can often lead to making you feel more energised and positive about the wat you run, and even something as simple as changing up your usual route might lead to helping you push yourself further.

Check out our tips below for helping you carve out a new running route and hopefully a new PB. 

Remember to plan ahead where you can

If you’re running on a newly planned route, why not map it out digitally ahead of time. This should help with stress but should also mean that you know what to look out for if there’s unexpected encounters on the path ahead (like road closure).

Although spontaneity can be fun, planning ahead might just help to lessen any apprehension you have about your first run in your new route – especially if you’re running in a new neighbourhood.

Plan for weather

No matter where you are based, from Cairns to Collingwood, don’t forget to check out the weather in the neighbourhood you’re going to be running in; so, you can dress in an appropriate running outfit and wear the right running shoes to serve the traction underfoot.

If rain is forecast, why not have a lightweight spray jacket to hand – that can simply be tied around your waist?

Also, it is understood, that whilst running in the rain is never on someone’s bucket list, similarly making sure that you have a bottle of water with you if you’re running in warmer climates.

Prep with the right kit

Bringing the correct kind of running accessories can make or break a run. We recommend investing in something like a running belt that can not only hold your phone and a bank card (for emergencies) you can also stash your running gels in there too.

Optimise your route based on workout style

Make sure that the new route you are planning is in line with how you like to work out. If you are working on your recovery, then opting for a slower route with less breaks, in a calm setting (like alongside a river), can go a long way to supporting recovery of the mind too. If you’re doing some interval training, why not head down to your local running track instead or even your neighbourhood AFL training oval, where you can have structured sprints interruption free.

*Please ensure that you’re running in areas that are open to the public

Use digital inspiration

Using apps like Strava, you can see what routes your friends are running and falling in love with. This can be especially helpful if your friends or family are churning out a personal best time on a route you have never seen before. Why not try one of theirs?

Try alternative surfaces (safely)

If you usually run on pavement, why not try switching it up and running on grass or even sand. Not only are you adding a bit of a change up to your usual run, it can help your feet and leg muscles adapt to running in diverse ways too. 

Change up your running partners

Used to running alone? Why not change it up and run with a friend or even in a group. Not only can it help to support your pacing technique. It could even be great for confidence, running with a partner can help to spur you on even further. If you feel like running in a group, why not check out what’s happening at your local park run, where you can mix with heaps of running lovers!
How to curate your new favourite running route
Posted on 15-03-2024
By TheAtheletesFoot
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