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Marathon Running Gear Essentials

When preparing for a marathon, we dedicate months to physical training, however, it is important to take the time to gather your running gear to ensure a pleasant race day experience. No matter your experience as a runner, being ready with all the right equipment will allow you more time to focus on your run-on race day. Let’s take a look at our must-have race day essentials.

1. Running Shoes

If you ask anyone who has run a marathon for some marathon advice, they’ll be sure to tell you, “Never try anything new on race day”. This applies to your shoes as well. Finding a pair of shoes you know works for you is vital in avoiding blisters. Be sure also not to wear shoes that are old or worn out, as they are likely to be unable to provide the support and cushioning needed to complete your marathon. We recommend having a dedicated pair of training shoes and transitioning into a new race-day pair approximately 2 weeks before your run.

2. Running Attire

Consider clothing designed specifically for running, as they will often have features such as hidden pockets that can be used to store race day essentials such as running gels.
Ensure you have adequate running attire suitable for the conditions of your race. For races in warmer weather, opt for clothing with moisture-wicking fibres to keep sweat away from the body and reduce chaffing. 
Don’t forget to protect your eyes and face with sunglasses and a hat/visor.
For races in cooler weather, opt for a running jacket, as well as running tights. Try to avoid cotton, as it retains moisture, which can cause discomfort over a long period of time. 
Be sure to test everything during training to avoid any complications on race day.


3. Technology

Keep track of your pace and performance with your heart rate monitor. You can also pack your headphones to listen to music while you race (if your race allows it).


4. Food

Eating carbohydrate-dense foods, such as energy bars, gels, and certain fruits, can help maintain energy and reduce the risk of fatigue. You should look to refuel after the 90-minute mark, or the 21 km mark, whichever comes first. 

5. Hydration

Hydration is crucial to restore the water, salts, and minerals lost from sweating. Pack a hydration belt or vest to carry water or a sports drink for easy access to these fluids during the race.

6. Personal care kit

Put together a kit of various health and wellness items to add to your packing list. Some items to consider include:
Anti-chafing cream
Lip Balm
Pain Relievers

7. Post-race

Once you’ve completed your race, here are some of the first things you will want to reach for:
Spare clothes
Compression wear such as tights or socks
Foam roller
Change of shoes
Something warm
Recovery footwear - Be sure to check out the HOKA Recovery range.

Everybody will pack a little differently, so spend time working out what is right for you. We hope this list helps you conquer your next marathon. Happy running!

Marathon Running Gear Essentials
Posted on 22-02-2024
By TheAtheletesFoot
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