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#MyFitStory – with JASON MEARS

#MyFitStory is a new series that celebrates the lives and stories of the people in our community who inspire us to keep pushing forward and never give up. Ordinary, everyday active people who have achieved greatness, overcome adversity or helped those around them through the motivational power of sport and exercise.

Our first #MyFitStory is that of Jason Mears, a successful liver recipient, who after receiving the life-changing news that his liver was failing was determined to be as fit and strong as he possibly could be in order enjoy some quality of life as he awaited his transplant. Now 6 years after his surgery, Jason has his first full 42.2km marathon firmly in his sights.

This is Jason’s #MyFitStory


“Running for me means I’m alive.”

Throughout his life, Jason Mears exercised sporadically. When Jason received the life-changing news that his liver was failing and that he’d need a transplant, he determined he’d be as fit and strong as he possibly could in order to enjoy some quality of life as he awaited his transplant. He also determined that this focus on his health would increase his odds of a successful transplant, should a donor be found. He combined gym workouts with walking to build that fitness.

Jason’s determined approach was typical of how he tackles most challenges, embracing the workload required, “Throughout the whole ordeal I made the commitment to get as fit as possible, even though I was dying.”

Six years ago, Jason became a successful liver recipient. Upon arriving home, he set about walking around the block – 400 metres. This simple act, one most of us would take for granted, took him half an hour. Jason decided that he’d make the most of the second chance he’d been given and focus on getting fitter and stronger than ever before by focusing on running. This also meant re-evaluating his life and priorities. In an effort to find greater work-life balance, he pulled back on his work commitments.

Interestingly, Jason never pictured himself as being able to run a significant distance but, as someone who’d spent their life setting goals, he felt that having a running goal would help him to stay motivated and push himself to greater distances. He determined to tackle the Melbourne Marathon. Joining a running club where he could learn from and run with other committed runners helped him refine his training program, allowing him to build up to running his first half marathon. Jason acknowledges the importance of staying healthy and avoiding injury, “now that I’m doing more km’s a week, injury prevention is really important. So far so good in terms of my training.”

Now, with the full 42.2km marathon firmly in his sights, Jason is training harder than ever. His favourite time to run? Mornings. Being out the door while much of the city still sleeps gives him the chance to be alone with his thoughts with nothing but the sound of his feet hitting the pavement to distract him, “Running first thing in the morning, for me, is the best time of day. You’re not thinking about day to day pressures at work or pressures of family. It’s my time.”

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#MyFitStory – with JASON MEARS
Posted on 06-05-2018
By TheAtheletesFoot
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