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#MyFitStory – with LISA VOWLES

It was 2013 and Lisa Vowles was newly married and a mother of three when she woke up paralysed on the right side of her body. It was the culmination of years of chronic and misdiagnosed fatigue, numbness and memory loss.


This is Lisa Vowles #MyFitStory


When her MRI came back, Lisa was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. With her world crumbling around her and physical symptoms only getting worse, Lisa slid into a life of anger and depression that would take years to climb out of.



Lisa was never the active type, but something inside her was urging her to lace up her runners and run into the fear. With her family behind her and a whole nation soon to find out about her pledge, Lisa committed to running her first 5k race.

Now, Lisa has run more than twenty runs. Her big goal? Run the Great Wall of China.


There’s no known cure for MS. But Lisa refuses to let MS stop her from changing her life. Through her struggles and triumphs, Lisa has become a beacon of hope for Australians around the country.



I used to say I can’t do that because I have MS,” Lisa says. “Now I say I’m going to do it because I have MS.”
#MyFitStory – with LISA VOWLES
Posted on 12-12-2019
By TheAtheletesFoot
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