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The Athlete’s Foot Guide to Netball Shoe Brands

From backcourt players to shooters, beginners to professionals, finding the right kind of Netball shoes  to boost your play can be a game changer. However, if you’re in the market for a new pair of sneakers for netball it can sometimes feel overwhelming when deciding which kind of shoes you need.

We currently have the following sneaker brands designed specifically for Netball:

  • Mizuno
  • Asics
  • Skechers
Use our guide below to learn about the best Netball shoe brands for women and what they have to offer your game.

Mizuno Netball Shoes

With various silhouettes available, Mizuno’s range of Netball Shoes are designed to accommodate all levels of players, and positions on the court, whether you’re looking for something lightweight or you need further support. Here’s some of our favourites:

Mizuno Phantom Wave 3

Best for: Centre Thirds and Goal Thirds

With superior support, the Mizuno Wave Phantom 3, features Wave Plate technology for increased impact absorption and support. Available in slick colour options, you’ll really stand out on the court. 

Mizuno Wave Stealth Neo

Best for: Centre Thirds and Goal Thirds

The latest iteration of the Wave Stealth Neo from Mizuno is a premium offering for netball players who love to have a high level of stability with extra cushioning. It’s designed to support higher jumping and more agile footwork as you move through the court. There’s also a great range of colours available too.

Asics Netball Shoes

ASICS offer a great range of specifically designed sneakers for netball with superior comfort. Seen on the feet of professional netball players and casual weekenders alike – it’s a best-selling netball brand for a reason. Great for all positions – check out some of our recommendations:

Asics Netburner Professional FF4

Great for: Centre thirds

The Asics Netburner Professional FF4 range is suited to players who are looking for a lightweight feel but also need cushioned support. This is a great option is if you’re looking for a shoe that can offer extra stability when you’re changing direction rapidly or doing faster transitions. Worn on the feet of professional players including renowned Wing Attack players. With a great choice of colourways and widths, you can find your perfect fit.

Asics Netburner Shield

Great for: Goal Thirds

If you’re looking for ultimate support and stability whilst you’re playing on the court, the ASICS Netburner Shield range is for you. Recent studies undertaken by the University of Melbourne have shown that this is an ideal silhouette for reducing knee loads during dynamic movements. There’s a seamless panel placed underneath the mesh upper which can support better movement for your feet as well as allowing for added breathability.

This silhouette is available for women in a great range of colours, whether you prefer neutral tones or you like to stand out from the crowd in brights and pastels.

Skechers Netball Shoes

With silhouettes endorsed by the Australian Podiatry Association, you’re in safe hands (or feet) with a pair of Skechers Netball Shoes.


Great for: Goal Thirds and Centre Thirds

Offering supreme versatility whilst you’re playing, the Skechers Viper Court sneaker has the all familiar Skechers Arch Fit Insole as well as a Goodyear Performance Outsole (for enhanced traction and durability). This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a pair of netball shoes that offer responsive cushioning for agile movements on the court. A good all-round option. We also love the vibrancy of the black and pink colourway that will help you stand out from the crowd.

If you’re still unsure which Netball Shoes are right for you – why not book an appointment with a member of our in-store team to help you make a guided decision – both based on your level of play and where you play on court.
The Athlete’s Foot Guide to Netball Shoe Brands
Posted on 18-03-2024
By TheAtheletesFoot
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