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The Athlete’s Foot proudly sponsoring Parkrun Australia

At The Athlete’s Foot our relationships are what drive us. They motivate our staff and solidify our genuine everyday customer interactions and are the bridge between us and our local community.

The community of Ballarat, despite the skyrocketing expansion, still retains a local feel. People know people, and reputation, both personal, and business counts as business is largely built on word-of-mouth.

Relationships are everything, and it is this focus on relationships that instigated our association with parkrun.

Early in 2016, it was the long-term friendship between Ballarat Franchisee Paul Tudorovic and Olympian Steve Monaghetti that led to the partnership. Steve (who played an important role in establishing parkrun in Ballarat) and Paul worked together on how The Athlete’s Foot could help. Involvement consisted of (and continues to) having Fit Technicians volunteer to fulfil essential ‘on-the-day’ roles (i.e. marshalling, time keeping etc.), as well as being present to offer advice on all things footwear and running (not to mention giving some friendly words of encouragement!).

Community is the backbone of what we do in Ballarat, this was yet another string in our bow of how local runners could be supported, and a way to give back to the community that has given us so much over our 25 years of business. It is the discussions had when mixing with the locals, that not only build strong relationships, but progress established ones.

Seeing people of all walks of life come together to share the common goal of running, whatever their journey may be, and to help them in some small way reach their goals is why we are involved. This is the rewarding aspect that we cherish and the only thanks we need. We are there to serve, and to facilitate goals.

Community is everything for us, and it’s why we proudly support our locals in all ways we can.


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The Athlete’s Foot proudly sponsoring Parkrun Australia
Posted on 01-06-2018
By TheAtheletesFoot
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