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School Lunchbox Snack ideas

 by Alaina Dean

Whether you’re sending the kids off to school or prepping for another week of homeschooling at the kitchen table, the key to a fuss-free day is preparation. Avoid a rushed morning of haphazardly packing lunchboxes while trying to get the kids dressed by planning a week of healthy lunchbox snacks.


We’ve compiled a list of the best snack foods and lunch ideas to pop in a lunchbox and keep your kids satisfied throughout the school day. 


  1. Rice Paper Rolls

Rice paper rolls may seem like a tedious snack to put together, but we promise that they’re worth it. Julienned carrot, cucumber, and capsicum paired with a sprig of mint and a pinch of bean sprouts make up the bulk of these rolls. Choose your own protein source - pork, chicken, beef or even tofu and include a tub of sweet chilli sauce in the lunchbox for one of the healthiest snacks your kids could eat for lunch. 


Best Australian Recipes have an easily adaptable recipe. Rice Paper rolls are a great, fun way to boost your kids fresh vegetable intake.

Find the Full Recipe here

  1. Frittata

What’s not to love about a frittata? Tasty, easy to make and a great way to use up leftovers, frittatas never get boring. They also pack a punch in the protein department while sneaking in a few veggies. 


This one from the Feel Good Foodie features red onion, mushrooms and asparagus, but you can substitute in potato, broccoli, capsicum and zucchini, depending on your preference. Just as tasty cold as it is warm, it’s the perfect one-stop-shop lunchbox snack. 

Find the Full Recipe here

  1. Muffins 

While muffins often get a bad wrap when it comes to healthy lunchbox ideas, but we’re talking about the vegetable dense kind of muffins. Chocolate muffins have their time and place, but veggie muffins shine as a school lunchbox snack. 


These zucchini muffins by Bowl of Delicious are packed full of nutritious zucchini, are refined sugar-free and are made with 100% whole grains. And the best part? The kids won’t even be able to tell these are healthy. 

Find the Full Recipe here

  1. Quesadilla 

Spice up the week with some easy lunchbox quesadillas. Full of veggies and beans with an exciting layer of melted cheese, quesadilla’s are always a crowd-pleaser. 


Cookie and Kate have an epic quesadilla recipe that can be whipped up in ten minutes. 


And just like the frittata, quesadillas are not only a great way to up the veggie intake, but they make using leftovers easy. Definitely a win-win! 

Find the Full Recipe here

  1. Don’t forget the snacks!

Keep the energy levels up and avoid the 3pm slump with some healthy balanced snacks included in the lunchbox. Think carrot sticks and hummus, air-popped popcorn, dried seaweed or a tub of plain yogurt. When it comes to fruit, shop seasonal and purchase a wide variety of fruits to keep things new and interesting.  


A little bit of preparation and forward-thinking will make packing lunchboxes a breeze and ensure your kids are eating the healthiest they can be. Getting the kids involved in the lunchbox prep will have them excited and open to trying new, healthy snacks.

Happy snacking!



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School Lunchbox Snack ideas
Posted on 01-09-2020
By TheAtheletesFoot
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