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Back to School Stationery – what you need for Pre-School, Primary and High School

Back to School 2022 is fast approaching and so is the expected visit to pick up school supplies and stationery for the kids.

However, if your little one is just starting out or moving up to a bigger school, a restock is definitely on the cards – whether you need them for school itself or you need them for in the home—knowing what supplies to buy, can be a minefield.

See our top tips below for picking up the right kind of school supplies by the school year group your children are in.

School supplies for Pre-School and Prep

Those first days of Pre-School and prep school can be nerve-wracking for little ones so making sure they are stocked with the right supplies ready for those early days is important.

Whilst the school will supply everything they need for the classroom, we’d recommend stocking up on basic crafting pieces for the home, like scrapbooks, crayons, glue and safety scissors so they can continue learning through creative play when the school day is over.

Although we’d recommend a water bottle and little backpack so they can store their lunches and PE kit and sneakers.

School Supplies for Primary School

Primary school age kids will need to provide their own basic stationery like pencils and blank workbooks—however, the school will generally provide items like glue and paint for art lessons.

For the home, as they’re a little older, providing more creative, technical stationery like paint sets, pencils and lined notebooks is a must.

This age will see your kids needing to learn beyond play, so encouraging them with creative writing and pictures is key outside of the classroom—we recommend stocking up on lined and blank notebooks plus coloured pencils and pens.

Again, don’t forget to pack them a water bottle and bag with a cool pack for their lunch break.

Supplies for High School

At High School, your kids will need to supply their own stationery for school lessons, so it’s recommended that they have some robust items that can last them in school and for homework outside of school hours. Opt for heavy duty notepads with grids and lines, durable pens and things like document display wallets for helping them to organise their work. Some schools may also require laptops for each student.

If they’re really into their art, be sure to invest in some high-quality optic markers and graphic pencils.

Additional items like a pair of wireless headphones and study cards are also perfect for helping them focus during exam prep.

Whatever your kids age, the season for getting ready for back to school 2022 is coming, make sure you’re prepped for stationery, school shoes and uniforms.

Back to School Stationery – what you need for Pre-School, Primary and High School
Posted on 22-10-2021
By TheAtheletesFoot
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