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What to consider when buying shoes for PE lessons?

Our kids are constantly on the go and their shoes need to be up for the job. Purchasing the right shoe to carry them through countless PE lessons is extremely important for growth and encourages children to be more active.

Whether you call them sandshoes, joggers, runners or trainers, a sturdy, well-built sports shoe is key to seeing your kid enjoy PE lessons and physical activity at school. Investing in quality shoes is not only the ideal way to support your child’s growth, but it ensures that the shoe will weather the wear and tear that comes hand in hand with PE lessons.

From athletics to team sports and cross-country events, PE lessons will have your kids trying out a range of sports that will push their bodies. Supportive sports shoes help prevent injuries while encouraging movement.

Shoes designed for PE lessons

When buying shoes for PE uniforms, purchasing a shoe that is versatile enough to suit a range of activities is important. Your kids might be playing soccer one lesson, shooting hoops the next, spending a week working on their track and athletic skills before training for cross-country. You want your kid’s shoes to adjust to each activity and provide support for their growing feet.

Ensure that the shoes you pick are designed to be all-rounders. The Asics GEL-540TR Grade School cross trainer will keep the spring in your kid’s step throughout the day, no matter the sport played during the PE lesson.

Consider comfort

There is no point participating in PE lessons if they result in painful feet and joints. Comfort factor is an important consideration to keep in mind when shopping for new PE shoes. Having your kids try-on their shoes in-store where they can take the shoes on a test run is key to finding comfortable sneakers for PE.

The New Balance Fresh Foam 860 for kids has a full-length Fresh-Foam midsole to provide cushioning and comfort where they need it most.

Consider fit

Even the most well-designed PE shoes won’t provide adequate support or comfort if they are fitted incorrectly. The fit of a sports shoe is just as important as the design when it comes to finding the best shoes for PE.

Take advantage of the MyFit 3D Instore Fitting Experience to ensure your kids a wearing the best shoes for PE lessons. To find an appointment, click here. Otherwise speak to one of our Virtual Fitting Technicians here.

Consider stability

A sports shoe should be able to absorb the shock of high impact sports to protect growing feet and bones.

Asics GT-1000 Grade School stability shoe is a great choice of shoe for PE Lessons. With cushioning technology and contoured sock liner, this shoe provides ample amounts of support and stability for active kids.

Your kids will be participating in PE lessons from kindergarten right through to high school, so establishing a habit of wearing supportive sports shoes during PE lessons early on is key.

What to consider when buying shoes for PE lessons?
Posted on 04-10-2021
By TheAtheletesFoot
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