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It’s time to take your 2018 fitness goals and turn them into habits! So, here are some tips to help you build momentum and stay you focused all year long…


In it for the long run!

You have most likely already set goals for 2018, but have you set goals that will last the whole year? It is often the case that we have a list of things that we would like to ‘start’ but we don’t consider what comes next… It’s time to look more long term, ‘Start running again’ is great but what’s going to keep you going during winter or 10 months into the year? It’s time to turn your goals into habits.


Don’t plan to plan… Do it!

The only way that you’re going to turn your goals into a habits is if you actually start. We have all been in the position where we’ll start on Monday… Then Monday comes around and we’ll start on the weekend… No… START NOW! That’s right, we’re dusting off that old phrase ‘there’s no time like the present’, because there isn’t. In fact stop reading this, go and start, then come back and read the rest.


Make your goals measurable!

Actually starting your 2018 fitness goals isn’t measurable beyond a tick in the box, you’ve got to think about your fitness goals like you would any of your other goals. Saving for a holiday as an example… You don’t just start saving then go to Hawaii. You figure out what your goal is, what you need to do each day, each week, each month to get there, make a habit of saving and you check your progress against that goal… The you go to Hawaii. Achieving your fitness goals are exactly the same!


Day 1: Start Running… Tick! What next?

Day 30: Run 3km without stopping.

Day 45: Run your fastest 3km ever.

Day 60: Run 5km without stopping.

Day 75: Run your fastest 5km ever.

Day 90: Run in a 5km running event.


Be consistent!

Let’s acknowledge something up front… We can all ‘plan’ to exercise every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday evening at 6PM, but the amount of people that will realistically meet that expectation are as rare as unicorns. The reason for this is simple, because you’re probably going to get a call/text from friends to come out for dinner, or you want to binge watch your new favourite show and you’re just not going to turn that down for a fitness session. But this doesn’t mean you can’t be consistent, it’s ok to not be an ‘every Friday at 6pm’ person, instead how about four times a week. That way it’s not all over when you miss one session because there is always the day before or day after to make up for it.


Have a range of goals!

When it comes to your fitness goals becoming a habit, motivation is key. It is extremely difficult to hit your PB every day in relation to one specific goal, which can reduce your motivation and ability to keep going long term. The best way to tackle this is to create a range of goals that will benefit you in 2018. Running your fastest 5km is hard on a daily basis, but also working on your flexibility, nutrition, and mental health can be other things to work on when you’re not pounding the pavement.


Look after yourself!

Is there anything more important than this? Seriously. You’re not going to turn any of these goals in to long term habits if you’re not looking after your own health and wellbeing. We’re not just talking about your physical health either, this includes mental health and everything in between. We guarantee that if you’re feeling great inside and out then getting out and building a habit is going to come so much more easily.


Monitor your progress!

Like we said with budgeting for a holiday, building the habits that are going to help you achieve your goals this year are going to require you to monitor your progress. This isn’t something that you need to create a crazy spreadsheet for, but you do need to be able to see how you’re tracking beyond taking a mental note. There are plenty of apps and devices out there which can help you do this, one of which is the MyFit Pod which is exclusive to The Athlete’s Foot, and at $39.95 it is incredibly powerful for a great price.

Buy the MyFit Pod here:

MyFit Pod information:


Find someone to keep you motivated!

Chances are that you already have a great network of friends and family around you, so get them to help you achieve your goals by forming valuable habits. They can be great for your motivation as well as being a great way to make your fitness sessions more social and on a regular basis. Go and invite a friend to one of your weekly sessions, it could make all the difference to your friendship and your fitness.


Have something to look forward to!

Putting something down in your calendar can make a world of difference when it comes to consistency, motivation and habit forming. Signing yourself up to a running event can be a great way to tick a lot of these boxes as it will help you keep focused and give you a real sense of achievement. Now we’re not saying to sign yourself up to an Ultra Marathon (Unless that’s your thing… Go you!) but with a quick search you should be able to find something for every range of fitness and fun in your local area.


Treat yourself!

Like the tyres on your car, your shoes can wear out over time. As you begin to build habits and achieve your fitness goals make sure to check out how your footwear is fairing. The great thing is that changing things up with a new pair of shoes can not only be the perfect way to start 2018, but it can also be the best motivation to keep the momentum going and reward yourself along the way. So, come and get fitted by one of our friendly Fit Technicians.

Find your local store here:


Image provided by Dom Perry. Follow him on Instagram @domperry_

Posted on 02-02-2018
By TheAtheletesFoot
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