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What is Vibram Technology

What is Vibram Technology in Footwear?

Vibram Soles is a type of technology for footwear, that you will find is present when you require shoes that need durability, comfort and traction. This is especially seen when it comes to hiking and walking shoes.

History of Vibram Soles

Invented in 1935 by Vitale Bramani, an expert hiker – he wanted to create a stronger sole in hiking footwear to keep the walking and hiking community safe in extreme conditions, as the footwear available at the time did not offer this option.

Bramani teamed up with Leopoldo Pirelli of the Pirelli tyre company, to develop a pair of hiking boots that contained two key areas within the sole:

·         Vulcanised rubber construction to boost insulation

·         Deeper tread pattern in the lugs offering better traction

With this newly constructed boot, Vibram soles were born – and named after a combination of both of Vitale Bramani’s first and last names.

History of Vibram Soles

Vibram Soles have a number of unique benefits that include:

·         Resoling

If your Vibram soles eventually wear through; you are able to get them re-soled by professionals much more easily than hiking shoes built without this technology.

·         Comfort

Comfort is key when you’re looking for robust outdoor shoes, the feel of foam and rubber Vibram compound in the sole of Vibram shoes and boots offers extra softness when you’re going hard outdoors.

·         Durability

Durability is a strong benefit for footwear that has Vibram technology embedded into the sole. The unique material helps to strike a strong balance for traction and durability, meaning they should last longer and take you further.

What footwear has Vibram Technology?

Read below for some of our top recommendations for outdoor footwear that come with built in Vibram shoes.

Hiking Boots with Vibram Soles

When it comes to Hiking Shoes and Boots , opting for a pair of outdoor footwear with Vibram technology is often a strong choice. Our Merrell Moab range of Hikers come in two lengths, low cut and mid cut. The upgraded Vibram® outsole design is sturdier and more durable, to provide you with premium grip over any terrain. 

Merrell Moab Walking Boot
The women’s Hoka Kaha 2 Gore-Tex Hiking Boot for women is an excellent choice for a hiking boot with Vibram technology in the sole. The Vibram Megagrip outsole in this high cut hiking boot, increases ground contact, allowing you to confidently storm the trails and venture further than ever before allowing for stronger traction underfoot.


Trail Running Shoes with Vibram Soles

Vibram soles are a great addition for trail running shoes owing to their extra durability for uneven terrain as well as the comfortable soles for extended wear on longer runs. The Hoka Speedgoat Trail Running Shoes for men, have been designed to excel on high-altitude, remote and rugged trails – with help from its Vibram® Megagrip and multi directional lugs in the outsole for unparalleled grip on any surface.
If you’re looking for a pair of women’s trail running sneakers with Vibram tech – check out the New Balance Fresh Foam x Hierro V8. Available in a choice of widths allowing for an even more comfortable fit, the Vibram embedded Eco-Step outsole is comprised of 90% petrol-free ingredients, and still offers a reliable amount of grip and traction underfoot on even the messiest of trails.


How to care for Vibram Shoes

Your outdoor shoes are going to get messy and muddy – that’s a fact. It’s worth making sure that you take good care of your Vibram soles to ensure that they last longer and take you further. If you are coming back home from a long day’s hike or a wet trail run – once the mud and dirt has dried out, we highly recommend taking a soft toothbrush, warm soapy water and a small cloth (like a facecloth) and gently wiping or brushing the mud from the shoe lugs.  
What is Vibram Technology
Posted on 20-05-2024
By TheAtheletesFoot
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