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What Tennis Shoes Should I Buy?

Whether you are new to the world of tennis or have been playing your whole life, it is important to ensure you are wearing the right pair of tennis shoes. Matching your play style to the right pair of tennis shoes can not only help improve your game but also your overall comfort level on the court.

Before we dive into how to choose the right tennis shoes to buy, let's look at what makes a great tennis shoe.

Tennis is a sport that requires precise movements, changes of speed, and changes of direction, all of which can put a lot of stress on your lower limbs. Due to these movements, your tennis shoes need to be able to withstand these forces. To be able to achieve this, your tennis shoes must have:

Lateral Support – Look for a tennis shoe with an outsole that wraps around the midsole. This will support the lateral side of your foot and protect it from rolling when moving side-to-side.

Unparalleled Traction – On the outsole, a good tennis shoe will have specialised flex grooves, a pivot point, and a Herringbone design to allow for sharp movements. 

Durability – Tennis can be a demanding sport on your feet. To counter this, tennis shoes come with a range of durability features in high-wear areas. These include carbon rubber outsoles, synthetic overlays in the upper, and outsole wraps to prevent delamination.

When determining which tennis shoes to buy, it is important to factor in the following:


Your Playing Surface -

Tennis is a sport played on multiple surfaces, all of which have direct impacts on the game. On a clay court, the ball will move slower and bounce higher, while on a grass court, the ball is faster but does not bounce as high. Hard court conditions sit in between clay and grass court conditions.

Clay court shoes should emphasise grip and offer an outsole that easily releases clay from the flex grooves. Durability is also key to preventing damage when sliding.

Grass court shoes do not require the same amount of durability due to the soft nature of the surface. As the court is faster, flexibility is key, so you can make those swift movements to get to the ball.

Hard court shoes require added cushioning to protect the lower limbs from the shock of the hard surface.

Your playing style -

Tennis shoes are crafted to meet the unique demands of a variety of playing styles. This ensures that the shoe works with your motion instead of against it, granting you a competitive edge over your opponent.
Baseline tennis players require extra stability as they rely on side-to-side movements, explosive sprints, and sudden stops. 
For baseline players, we recommend the Asics Gel-Resolution.

All-court players cover a lot of ground and require lighter weight and more cushioned tennis shoes with extra traction that allows for a full range of motion.
For all-court players, we recommend the Asics Solution Speed FF.

Versatile players who can adapt to their opponent's playstyle, or just players who like to mix it up from time to time, need a shoe that offers the best of both worlds.
For these players, we recommend the Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour.

Your preferred fit

Ensuring a perfect fit is vital when selecting any shoe, especially tennis shoes. Your tennis shoes should be snug around the midfoot for multi-directional support, but not too snug that it hurts. Taking off your shoes should never be a relief! In the forefoot, there should be enough room to wiggle your toes; this will allow you to pivot, accelerate, and come to sudden stops without causing discomfort. Always make sure, when trying new shoes, to try them on with the socks you intend on wearing for the activity. For tennis, we recommend The Athlete’s Foot Vortex 2.0 socks to wick away moisture and reduce friction that often causes blisters.

We hope this guide helps you decide what tennis shoes to buy. Game on!

What Tennis Shoes Should I Buy?
Posted on 02-05-2024
By TheAtheletesFoot
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