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By agreeing to join MyFit™ Rewards at The Athlete’s Foot, each member accepts and agrees to be bound by the MyFit™ Rewards Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy applicable from time to time. Joining MyFit™ Rewards may automatically cancel a member’s membership of any other program offered by The Athlete’s Foot.

1. Membership

1.1. By joining our MyFitTM Rewards Loyalty Program, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy, and to be contacted in accordance with the same in respect of your account. Joining MyFitTM Rewards may automatically cancel a member’s membership of any other program offered by The Athlete’s Foot.

2. Earning Points & Tiers

2.1. MyFitTM Rewards Members will earn Points on all purchases they make at any of The Athlete’s Foot Australia stores or online, where they identify themselves in making that purchase by providing their full name & email address in-store, or by logging into their MyFitTM Member account online or providing the email address at checkout associated with their account.

2.2. A member will receive a minimum of 1 point for every $1 AUD spent. Points are calculated by rounding down to the nearest dollar ($) amount.

2.3. On accumulating the first 300 points, MyFitTM Rewards members are automatically assigned a $30 MyFitTM Rewards Voucher to their MyFitTM Rewards profile, then for every subsequent 300 points another $30 MyFitTM Rewards voucher will be assigned to their MyFitTM Rewards profile.

2.4. MyFitTM Rewards Vouchers expire 6 months from the issue date.

2.5. All Points earnt will be valid for 36 months from the date of issue.

2.6. MyFitTM Rewards Voucher redemption does not accumulate towards your MyFitTM Rewards Spend and therefore does not accumulate Points. For example, if you purchase an item valued at $100 and use $20 MyFitTM Rewards Reward value when making payment for that purchase, your MyFitTM Rewards Spend for that purchase is $80 and you will be assigned 80 Points to your MyFitTM Rewards Member account.

3. Rewards

3.1. MyFitTM Rewards cannot be used for payment of laybys or applied to prior purchases.

3.2. You may not use more than $30 of MyFitTM Rewards Voucher points per transaction.

3.3. The MyFitTM Rewards membership card is not a credit or charge card. Your MyFitTM Rewards Voucher is not transferable, cannot be redeemed for cash, cannot used against prior purchases or used for the purchase of gift cards (physical or electronic).

Using your Rewards in-store:

When shopping in-store, you must provide the email address attached to your member account in order for your Reward to be applied to your transaction by a The Athlete’s Foot Australia team member.

Using your Rewards online:

When shopping online, you must create an account using the email address supplied when joining the Program and be logged in to your account when checking out, in order for your Reward to be applied to your online transaction. Please note, after you have created your online account, you will be sent a verification email which you need to validate before the account gets created. If you do not validate your email, you will not be able to log into your online account or use your rewards.
Once you are logged in, at the checkout page, your Reward will appear with a prompt to ‘Apply your Reward’ which you must select in order for the Reward to be used as part of payment towards your transaction. If you do not select to apply your Reward to the transaction, it will remain unused on your Member account until it expires or is otherwise used.

3.4. Other than any Rewards issued to you, the MyFitTM Rewards Program may give you access to Member competitions and events or may include the allocation of surprise gifts and rewards to your account from time to time. At its sole discretion, we may provide access to these items to some or all Members of the Program. You will be notified via email should any of these apply your account.

3.5. If you do not adhere to these Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to cancel your MyFitTM Rewards account and any associated Rewards at any time.

3.6. To access your My Account and see your Points balance and Rewards you have been issued, use the same email address and either login in or create an account via We encourage all customers to login when they visit us online. When shopping online, you must log in using the email address you used when signing up, either by logging in or adding it at the checkout in order to access and use any valid Rewards and see any information relating to your MyFitTM Rewards account.

3.7. You can only earn and redeem Rewards at The Athlete’s Foot Australia retail stores and on The Athlete’s Foot Australia website (

3.8. You can only redeem rewards from one (1) MyFitTM Rewards account per transaction.

3.9. Certain products and promotions may be excluded from the Program and this will be notified to you where it is applicable via the Terms and Conditions of the specific promotion.

4. Returns / Refunds

4.1. If you used a Reward when you make your purchase, the total amount you pay will have been reduced. If you redeem a MyFitTM Rewards Voucher for the purchase of multiple items, the application of that Reward’s value will be split proportionally over the products in the order based on the value of each item. For example, if you purchase a pair of shoes and a pack of socks, you might see the bulk of your $30 MyFitTM Rewards Voucher being applied to your shoes, based on the value of this item being higher.

4.2. If your order is cancelled or you choose to return or exchange a product, we will adjust your Member account so that the correct MyFitTM Rewards Voucher amount is returned to you. The amount returned will be based on the portion of the MyFitTM Rewards Voucher that was applied to the specific product you are returning, as stated above.

4.3. Any refund owing will be processed based on the amount paid for the transaction, after any MyFitTM Rewards Vouchers were applied & the MyFitTM Rewards Voucher will be returned to your MyFitTM Rewards account.

4.4. If you earnt Points or a MyFitTM Rewards Voucher when making your purchase, these Points / Vouchers will be taken off your Points balance / account when an eligible transaction has been cancelled, reversed or relates to a refund given.

4.5. The Athlete’s Foot Australia will deduct from your MyFitTM Rewards account any points or Rewards Vouchers that have been credited to your MyFitTM Rewards account in error, earned fraudulently and any points or Vouchers that relate to a purchase which has been cancelled, reversed or refunded.

4.6. MyFitTM Rewards Voucher redemption does not accumulate towards spending level and therefore does not accumulate points.

5. Your Obligations and Eligibility
5.1. You must be a resident of Australia aged 18 years or older to become a member of the MyFitTM Rewards Program.

5.2. You can use your MyFitTM Rewards membership at any The Athlete’s Foot Australia retail store and at The Athlete’s Foot Australia website at

5.3. To be eligible for MyFitTM Rewards Program benefits and exclusive offers in-store, you must identify yourself as a MyFitTM Rewards Program Member at the point of sale by providing your name and email address you used when signing up to the Program.

5.4. Employees of the Accent Group Limited and its related entities and/or The Athlete’s Foot are eligible to join but are not eligible to earn or redeem Rewards points. This is exclusively for our customers who don’t get to enjoy all the other benefits of working with us.

5.5. The MyFitTM Rewards program is intended for personal shopping use only. Rewards will only be issued to those we deem to be legitimate personal customers. We reserve the right to to cancel your account and/or reject your Reward/s and/or points if we know or suspect that you intend to resell some or all of the products specified in your order as a part of a commercial business. We reserve the right to withdraw or cancel Rewards and/or points that we know, or suspect were earned as a result of purchasing goods that are intended for resell or commercial activity. If you have already redeemed these Rewards on a purchase, we reserve the right to cancel and refund these orders, followed by removing the rewards from your loyalty account.

5.6. If your Membership is terminated for any reason, your Rewards and points will no longer be valid and will be rendered null and void.

5.7. Your email address needs to be provided at the point of sale/checkout for the purposes of applying the points to your account for each sale you make.

5.8. Your MyFitTM Rewards Program account is issued by The Athlete’s Foot and is not transferable to any other person.

5.9. We will not accept any liability for any of your member communications that are misdirected, lost or not received.

5.10 We may collect your personal information for the purpose of facilitating the MyFitTM Rewards Program. Personal information will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

5.11. We may, at any time and in its discretion, require you to provide proof of identification (in a form requested by us) to verify the authenticity of your membership and compliance with the MyFitTM Rewards Program Terms and Conditions. Failure to provide proof of identification may result in termination of your membership.

5.12. You are to read these Program Terms and Conditions in conjunction with any additional conditions associated with Rewards, including without limitation the Website Terms and Conditions and other relevant The Athlete’s Foot Australia Policies and Terms and Conditions.

5.13. It is your responsibility to update your MyFitTM Rewards Program member profile with details of your email address, phone number and postal address, otherwise we may not be able to contact you about your membership, rewards, special offers or entry to competitions or Member events.

5.14. We reserve the right to change, cancel or modify your membership, points, or Rewards Vouchers or withdraw the Program, at any time. The Athlete’s Foot will make reasonable efforts to communicate changes in advance to you via email or The Athlete’s Foot website as reasonable in the circumstances , but will not be liable if it does not.

6. General
6.1. To the extent permitted by law, The Athlete’s Foot and managers of the MyFitTM Rewards program will not be liable for any errors, omissions, delays or disruptions in the operation of the MyFitTM Rewards program and will not be liable for any loss caused by any such errors, omissions, delays or disruptions.

6.2. We may cancel, replace or amend the MyFitTM Rewards program, offers, Points, Rewards Vouchers and these terms and conditions at any time at our discretion. In particular The Athlete’s Foot reserves the right to change the number of points required to qualify for a voucher and/or the amount of that voucher at any time. The Athlete’s Foot will use reasonable endeavours to notify members of any replacement or amendment, but will not be liable if it does not. The Athlete’s Foot may suspend or terminate the MyFitTM Rewards program at any time without reason or notice. The Athlete’s Foot will not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise from any suspension or termination.

6.3. MyFit™ Rewards is a trademark of The Athlete’s Foot Australia Pty Ltd. References made in these Terms and Conditions to “we”, “us”, “our” or “The Athlete’s Foot” means The Athlete’s Foot Australia Pty Ltd (ABN: 57 001 777 582).

Latest update: 2024-02-08


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