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How to Choose the Best PE shoes for Soccer and Footy

Picking Soccer or Football boots for PE can be difficult when you’re not sure what you’re looking for. With so many features of a boot to consider, it can be stressful to decide, but not to worry, were here to discuss how to select a Soccer or Footy boot for PE… without all the jargon that most don’t know.

Instead of leaving you overwhelmed and confused, we hope to leave you confident and excited to pick you or your child’s PE shoes. After reading this 5 Step guide on how to choose your School PE shoes for Soccer or Footy, we know you’ll be a pro, in more area than one.

Kids Football

1. Budget

First you need to decide on what you are willing to spend on boots. These types of PE shoes are designed to to withstand any game of footy or soccer so weather you need to invest in these boots to last you a few years or just need of them for a short period of time, you decide. Most styles can be pricey, but some offer all the great features that will be later discussed for amazing low costs.

The Score Zone First Edition Kids is a great option for a shoe that has all the right materials/features whilst being priced amazingly. With multiple colourways and sizes, there are an array of options to choose from.


2. Ground

We know that no two grounds are the same but not to worry, there are versatile options. With an array of grounds such as soft grounds, firm grounds, artificial grass, multi ground, turf or indoor, there’s a boot for all. The specific types of boots are designed to keep you or your child safe and assist with ball control and traction.

If you’re after an indoor soccer or PE shoe, the Puma Monarch is a great option for a few reasons. Firstly, this style is specifically built with the most soft and durable synthetic leather and offers grip and support. This style ensures you’re not susceptible to slipping and can run back and forth with ease.

For outdoor grounds, a boot such as the Asics Lethal Tigeror IT is a top contender due to the Full Kangaroo Leather that has been used and the leather toe box. The leather toe box feature on this item offers improvement on foot feedback and comfort and durability which is definitely needed in an outdoor game. The raised 10mm heel on these Asics reduces strain and the overall risk of injury so you or your child can be safe during PE.


3. Materials/construction

Football and soccer boots continue to evolve with technology. Finding the best materials and construction are important. Think about whether you need leather boots, synthetic or knitted football boots.

The most common type are leather boots such as the Asics Lethal Flash are great leather options as they contain sturdy durable synthetic and Kangaroo leather whilst also providing maximum comfort. Leather Uppers/boots can increase traction and assist with ball control, so it is a great feature to have if you’re looking for Soccer or footy boots for long-term use.


4. Comfort

Comfortable shoes in general can be hard to find, let alone boots to get you through your football or soccer PE training. Most styles offer comforting features such an adaptable and durable leather upper which holds the foot in place and delivers superior comfort. Styles such as the Asics Lethal Tigreor It 2 are a great option for comfortable shoes that will get you through any footy or soccer PE session.

It’s important as well that you’re able to get your child or you to try these on. Getting a feel for the shoes before you play in them is unmatched. You can also book an appointment to try these on at The Athlete’s Foot.


5. Style

Lastly, think about style and colour. If it’s a requirement to have an all-black or all white PE football or soccer boot or if there is free reign and bright colours are allowed. If you want to stand out, look no further than a brightly coloured Asics DS Light which comes in a bright red colour but still offers the spectacular features of a top football boot.

If a more classic all black or all white boot is preferred or needed for part of a school uniform, Puma* stocks the following styles that are sleek and have all the great qualities of a football boot. Asics DS light in white/black with a hint of blue and silver or the Asics Ds Light Jr which comes in a bright blue with orange details.

So, no matter what features you want to prioritise, make buying Soccer or Football Boots for PE at school hassle free.

How to Choose the Best PE shoes for Soccer and Footy
Posted on 04-05-2023
By TheAtheletesFoot
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